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AccuWeb Hosting (SINCE 2003)

Eric Nudelman

We have a relatively simple website and I had no problem getting the site up and running from scratch. It took a lot of youtube videos of setting up Wordpress, installing templates and utilities, but I got there. The hosting site worked as advertised and to my knowledge we've had 100% uptime and user response time has been good.

CaribeHost (SINCE 2007)

Felipe Isaza

Excellent Customer Service | Postsale service its amazing! they always be there to help you to resolve questions and give you the best advice for your web. Excellent plan services for your business and many options for payment.

Webline Services Inc Hosting ( 2006)


Great service and after sale support. Very courteous and dedicated to their customer. My experience with support was excellent. They work as a team to do the job right.

Jubilee Web Host (SINCE 2008)

Hadija Ratib

These guys' services are just good. They have very nice customer care. Their services are reliable. They don't give empty promises. What they claim their hosting packages contain is what is exactly contained. And best of all, their services are far affordable!

Internetport Sweden Hosting ( 2008)

Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS and Web Hosting in Sweden - Internetport

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Joey English

Rated SIM Networ

5.00 out of 5 stars

12 May 22

Rafat Bano

Rated Servage Gm

4.80 out of 5 stars

24 Feb 22

Saroja Uyyalada

Rated Pluto Serv

5.00 out of 5 stars

19 Jan 21

Mikey Cleworth

Rated HostSlick

4.60 out of 5 stars

07 Jan 21

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We include factors such as disk space,
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We include factors such as disk space,
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MaxterHost's 2021 Redesign and Revamped Plans are Live! MaxterHost's 2021 Red 08th Feb, 2021

We're excited to announce that after several months of work, our new MaxterHost redesign has been finally launched, along with revamped hosting plans and new services!This is a major milestone for us, as this redesign is a complete overhaul not only of our website, but also of our branding, colors and logo. It's the first logo redesign since we've launched in 2004 and the third website redesign since our previous one in 2014.Throughout this process, we have taken some well-appreciated feedback from our clients into consideration regarding the design, usability, features and service offerings. We hope that we've been able to implement the majority of the feedback according to the expectations.


We hereby inform our customers that we cannot guarantee the usual timely delivery dates for the Dedicated Root Server models AX41, AX41-NVMe, AX51 and AX51-NVMe and therefore only accept pre-orders with an uncertain delivery date.Orders until yesterday (February 13th, 2020) will be provided with the communicated delay. To what extent there will be bottlenecks with other products is currently not clear.

New moving image campaign with thjnk Berlin: "STRATO - it's that easy and cheap" New moving image camp 25th Feb, 2020

It's so quick and cheap ”- this is STRATO's motto for the start of its new advertising campaign. As of today, the new spots can be seen on Dutch television and will soon be available for German YouTube users. "With this new campaign, we are promoting the core values ??of our brand," says Dr. Christian Böing, CEO of STRATO AG. "STRATO stands for fast, easy-to-use products with a very good price-performance ratio."

Heartbleed bug Heartbleed bug 06th Jun, 2018

You have probably heard of the Heartbleed bug ( that can be used to steal supposedly secured information through exploiting a vulnerability of OpenSSL certificates. It is important to note that this security hole was available only on websites that used our shared SSL certificates. The websites using RapidSSL or SSL certificates from GeoTrust were not affected. On few of our servers we were using the exploitable version of OpenSSL and as soon as a security patch was released by OpenSSL, we have installed it and re-issued all existing certificates. What this means is that all your websites and the details you submit over the shared SSL certificates are once again secure. We want to thank you for choosing our sevices!

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